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The best connected products are built with the Device Management Server.

Reliable infrastructure is better.

Our products allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve software distribution and device management in your connectivity projects. Above all, they work together to build the best experience for your customers.

Try our modular products:

Firmware Distribution.

automated firmware delivery is efficient

Reduce Friction

Reduce friction of firmware distribution with software that's designed to automate processes - increasing speed, efficiency and reliability.

Act Farsighted

Do it right - from the beginning. Set it up once and it will save you a lot of time, pain and money.

Grow as you go

Scaling is easy because our technology works right out of the box, integrates with other tools, and expands to fit your business.

throughout the device lifecycle


TestFlight for Firmware.
Beta Testing Devices Made Simple.
Leverage granular delivery to specific groups of devices to collect valuable feedback before you deploy your firmware or roll out new features.


Flexible Factory Programming
Customize passwords and keys per device, monitor programming of devices in real time and generate automated quality reports with integrated factory acceptance tests.


Device Management
Monitor and support device fleets by enabling your clients with relevant information. From patch delivery to firmware roll out: configuration and monitoring of your devices is easy.

Gateway Solutions.

connectivity wherever you need it

Unlock the full potential

Turn connected devices into gateways with software. Be it a smart phone, off the shelf gateway hardware or your internet enabled device: our software turns connected devices into gateways. Add flexibility to your connectivity solutions.

Act with intelligence

Observe what is going on in your networks and make sure the relevant metrics are logged and the right actions triggered.


Wire the data stream from your gateways to the servers of your choice.

Custom IoT Middleware.

because every project is different

The DMS is a modular IoT middleware to connect devices to clouds. The platform can be used as backbone or enhancement of your vertical tech stack.

How it works.

Together with a core module any combination of the DMS modules update, observe, connect, convert, integrate can be operated. The core module provides basic platform functionality like user and permission management.
If you want to integrate with other tools or you need something special, simply use the API which offers all the flexibility one can wish for.

check out the modules

update - firmware over the air


We believe firmware distribution should be easy. Upload firmware, configure the delivery method and register your devices is all you need to get your updates delivered.

update is a lean solution for firmware distribution and device management. It automates the firmware distribution process and delivery of updates in the most convenient manner. With this, the DMS makes these critical processes secure, reliable and predictable.

Even better: the multi-client capability of the DMS allows you to enable your clients to orchestrate their devices on their own.

observe - digital log book


Relevant information is key for efficient device management and the foundation to improve customer support, incidence detection and tracking.

observe systematically logs every interaction with the server. The module is designed to handle massive data streams. If your device supports it, the observe module is capable to log any kind of data: from device metadata over status information to continuous data streaming e.g. from sensors. In combination with the convert module it allows you to automatically condense the data into relevant actionable information to improve your product, service and the customer experience.

connect - gateway solutions


Our software turns any connected device in a gateway: from smart phones over single board computers to dedicated gateways.

connect provides the gateway software as well as the network server infrastructure. Integrate it in your devices and apps or use it as an out of the box gateway solution. Enabling to operate your own networks it is the bridge from your local networks to your cloud. Bluetooth, LoRa, Zigbee, ... you name it - connect integrates it.

convert - data in action


Organize, process, evaluate and visualize the data to make it tangible and convert it in actionable insights or trigger automated alerts or actions.

convert data into action. This module allows you to automatically condense the datastreams into relevant actionable and timely information to act with intelligence: improve your products, services and the customer experiences.

integrate - API


We believe collaboration and co-creation is a powerful driver for innovation. To get there, good communication is inevitable. We think this is especially true for machines. This is why we dedicate highest diligence to the design and maintenance of the interfaces of our tool.

Our tools are open and we are sure we find a common language with your tools. With our APIs you can integrate the DMS to realize your most crazy and ambitious ideas.

Use Cases

How some of our clients use the DMS.

Wearable Devices

Short development cycles and fast iteration: using the DMS from prototyping to industrialisation saves time and offers the perfect infrastructure for extended beta testing. The factory programming setup is consistently used by our client, from prototyping series to production ramp-up.


In combination with a special bootloader the DMS delivers encrypted firmware, protecting both the IP of our client and the devices. Using the API the DMS was directly integrated into the factory programming software by our client. Managing firmware for different hardware versions and device models is as easy as it gets.

Medical Devices

The DMS update module was customized to the requirements of our clients ISO 13485 Q-system: the system provides configurable approval work-flows, object life-cycles logging all relevant events in an immutable audit trail. Using the API of the DMS, firmware is directly delivered through the app of our client. This is facilitating the regulatory approval because there is no need to change the app if only the firmware is modified.

Health Care

Enabling continuous patient monitoring in clinics: the DMS provides the infrastructure for automated data capture from wearables in hospitalized patients. The IoT middleware is used to manage and configure Bluetooth gateways and wearable devices which are attached to patients. The device data is collected on a local server embedded within the clinical IT infrastructure. Paving the way to use wearable medical devices in health centers.

Smart Metering

Connected smart meters require adequate network infrastructure. With the LoRa-Plugin for the connect module the DMS transforms into a full connectivity platform, providing our clients all they need to deploy LoRa smart water and heat meters wherever they want. Monitoring and configuration of gateways can conveniently be done in the browser.


Handling and managing the energy data of the corporations infrastructure from various data sources. The data plugin convert of the DMS provides advanced reporting and forecasting of future energy demand across the corporation. The DMS enables a seamless experience facilitating the work flows of our customers employees by automated interfaces to different tools of the corporations IT infrastructure and 3rd party software.


Let's work together.

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